National and International NGOs
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National and International NGOs
Called to Rescue
Called to Rescue works for rescuing children from sex trafficking, violence, and abuse.
Project to End Human Trafficking(PEHT)
Project to End Human Trafficking(PEHT) works toward the elimination of trafficking in persons, especially women and children trafficked for the purpose of sexual exploitation. PEHT engages in anti-trafficking coalition building, educational outreach, direct service to victims, and collaboration with other national and international organizations in the global fight against human trafficking.
Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women(GAATW)
The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) is an Alliance of  more than 100 non-governmental organisations from Africa , Asia, Europe, LAC and North America. The GAATW International Secretariat is based in Bangkok, Thailand and co-ordinates the activities of the Alliance, collects and disseminates information, and advocates on behalf of the Alliance at regional and international levels. 
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women(CATW)
Coalition Against Trafficking in Women(CATW) is world’s first organization to fight human trafficking internationally. CATW and partners engage in advocacy, education and prevention programs for victims of trafficking and prostitution in Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe and North America, including the Untied States.
Asian Pacific Islander Legal Outreach
API Legal Outreach, Asian Women's Shelter, Cameron House, Narika, and Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, together form the Asian Anti-Trafficking Collaborative (AATC), which provides victim-centered comprehensive legal and social services to trafficked persons as well as free training and technical assistance to non-governmental and government agencies.

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