National and International NGOs
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National and International NGOs
United Nations InterAgency Project on Human Trafficking (UNIAP) Thailand Country Office
UNIAP Thailand works in four core areas: Building the Knowledge Base on Human Trafficking; Supporting Action on High Priority Areas; Targeted Interventions that Respond to Identified Gaps; and Strengthening Advocacy on the Issue of Human Trafficking.
ECPAT Thailand Foundation
ECPAT has a project in Chiang Rai (northern Thailand) which seeks to combat sex tourism, sexual exploitation, pornography and trafficking of children. The overall project objective is to provide at risk children with alternatives to entering the commercial sex industry.
Asia Regional Trafficking in Persons (ARTIP) Project THAILAND
ARTIP is focused on the criminal justice response to trafficking with a special emphasis on ending impunity for traffickers and securing justice for victims.
World Vision Foundation of Thailand (WVFT)
World Vision is currently implementing a regional anti-trafficking project that covers Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. The goal of the Mekong Delta Regional Trafficking Strategy (MDRTS) project is to reduce the number of women and children trafficked for sex work or other forms of exploitative labor within and between the target countries.
UNICEF Thailand
UNICEF supports programs in Thailand (and the Greater Mekong Sub-Region) which overlap on the prevention aspects of trafficking. 

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