Government Agencies
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Government Agencies
Royal Thai Police
The Royal Thai Police have been sporadically trained to be more aware of new government policies of humane treatment of victims of trafficking. In May 2003, a series of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) between the government agencies and between the Government and domestic NGOs provided for some detailed police procedures to assist with the problem of trafficked persons being detained by the authorities.
Ministry of Labor - Dept. of Labor Protection and Welfare
Department of Labor Protection and Welfare (DLPW) has established a hotline for individuals to report incidences of child labor.  DLPW has also initiated a public awareness campaign that focuses on providing information about child labor laws, encouraging reporting, and promoting guidelines for education on labor laws in schools. The Department of Social Welfare has also established shelters for street children.
Ministry of Justice, Department of Special Investigations
The Department of Special Investigations (DSI) of the Ministry of Justice is being developed to handle transnational crime in general, and human trafficking in particular.  The Government and Parliament intend to entrust the DSI with the power to investigate serious, complicated and sophisticated crimes and particularly economic crimes or white collar crimes, transnational and organized crimes; while the police have the power to maintain peace and social order and have the power to investigate street crimes.
Office of the Attorney General - Thai Criminal Law Institute
The Office of the Attorney General was funded by the US State Department in 2003 to conduct a legal analysis to determine what steps are needed to bring Thai national laws into conformance with the United Nations National Convention against Transnational Organized Crime. Through a series of workshops and seminars, police and other law enforcement agencies were trained on Thailand's legal obligations to fight trafficking.
Ministry of Education
The Sema Life Development project is a project run by the Ministry of Education, and supported by UNICEF and ILO, with the specific aim of fighting the problem of girls being recruited for prostitution and other hazardous forms of child labour. Girls from poor rural families, ethnic minorities and neighbouring countries who seek Thai citizenship have been lured into prostitution in the hope of improving their existing situation.

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