National and International NGOs
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National and International NGOs
Sonya's Shelter

Having been established by the Missionaries of St. Francisco, it has received the approval of the Ministry of Gender Equality. It is a counselling center for the protection of the human rights of sex trafficking victims and to protect and prevent from sex trafficking.

Dasi Hamkke Center
It protects the human rights of sex trafficking victims and helps them in withdrawing from the sex trade, and assists them to achieve self-reliance through various support systems and coordination. 
To accomplish this, it conducts various support activities for rehabilitation and prostitution-prevention including emergency rescue, legal support, medical-psychological support, shelter coordination, and post-support and others.

Anti Prostitution Human Rights Activity Agency, 'E-Loom'
E-Loom is an organization for women which conducts support activities and anti prostitution activities for the victims of sex trafficking.

Support for the Victims of Sex Trafficking
It supports various issues connected to the system of sex trafficking, such as debt, violence against women and so forth, through providing a 24 hour phone counselling hot-line, online, and through the victim's visit to the center or by the agent's visit to the victim. It is always open to provide information and support on various human rights in life, in order to resolve women's injuries.

Visiting the Site of Sex Trafficking
It provides services such as advertising and counselling, and apprehending the conditions of the sex industry to offer useful information to women. It issues and distributes 'ByeolByeol Newspaper' for women working in adult entertainment.

Public Awareness and Research Project
It takes action to create a greater public awareness of the reality of prostitution and to change the culture through campaign/forum/meeting/external lectures and so on. 

Human Rights Support Center for Women. 'Sallim'

Sallim is an organization for the support of the victims of prostitution.

Bujeon On-Site Counselling Center, 'Kkumari'

Bujeon On-Site Counselling Center, 'Kkumari'


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