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Prostitution Prevention Acts
The Bill of Prostitution Prevention Act, which replaced the Act on the Prevention of Morally Degrading Behavior (APMDB), was first petitioned in November 2001, proposed in 2002, and then enacted on March 2, 2004, into two Acts: the Punishment for Procuring Prostitution and Associated Act (APPPAA) and the Act on the Prevention of Prostitution and Protection of Victims Thereof (APPPVT). Both Acts came into effect on September 23, 2004. 

Act on the Prevention of Prostitution and Protection of Victims Thereof [PDF download]
The Act clarifies its aims at prevention of prostitution, protection of the victims of prostitution,
and the social integration of the victims of prostitution. 

① Provisions of the legal bases of preventive education on prostitution
② Provisions of the kinds and functions of support facilities for the victims of prostitution
③ Provisions of the legal bases of the support for medical expenses
④ Provisions of the cooperation with the police when rescuing victims of prostitution 

Act on the Punishment of Procuring Prostitution and Associated Acts [PDF download]
The Act aims at eradication of procuring prostitution and trafficking for prostitution, and also at protection of human rights of the victims of prostitution. In order to do so, the Act stipulates harsh punishment to the owners
of prostitution businesses, scaling down of prostitution industry, and protection of the victims of prostitution.  

① Introduction of New Concepts and Definitions
Discarding the words of 'morally degrading behavior', and
introducing 'women in prostitution' instead
Specifying the forms of 'procuring prostitution and associated acts'
Introducing the concept of 'trafficking for prostitution'
② Introduction of the concept of 'victims of prostitution', and
special provisions regarding criminal punishment
③ Clarification of the invalid cases of obligatory rights for illegal causes
④ Provisions of legal bases for closed trials
⑤ Introduction of special provisions regarding foreign women
⑥ Introduction of confiscation of profits from prostitution and supplementary charges
⑦ Provisions of priorities to the cases of protection of the victims
⑧ Introduction of compensation
⑨ Provisions of keeping balance with other laws regarding penalties and sentences
⑩ Aggravation of punishment to criminal organizations
⑪ Provisions regarding its relation with the Act on Protection of Sexuality of Juveniles 


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