Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - Winners of the 2018 Anti-prostitution Contest announced
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • Winners of the 2018 Anti-prostitution Contest announced
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    Winners of the 2018 Anti-prostitution Contest announced

    The WHRIK Central Support Center for the Prevention of Sex Trafficking held its 2018 Anti-prostitution Content Contest from May 28 through June 24. The goal of this event, which was open to all, was to encourage and enlist creative ideas to fight common prejudices regarding prostitution. Contestants were allowed to use any form of media, including UCC, online comics, and essays. Suggested topics included ideas to show that prostitution is an issue affecting everyone, suggestions for achieving a gender-equal society free from prostitution, ideas to prevent sexual exploitation adolescents, ideas to show that prostitution is not an individual matter but a product of society, and voices from the field that reveal the truth. A total of 1,220 works were submitted, with male applicants reaching 44% and teenage applicants 8%. Among these submissions, The Shallow Deep Sea by Yu Seon-ji, a teenage applicant, won the Grand Prize. Addressing the issue of adolescent prostitution from the perspective of a teenager, this online comic describes a teenage victim of domestic violence who was exposed to the risk of prostitution but eventually escaped with the help of a friend. Both The Secretive Influence, an online comic by Park Ji-won, and The Chatting App, a calligraphic work by the Hindol Caligraphy Team, were awarded Gold Prizes. The Secretive Influence showed how the gender stereotypes imposed on women influence the realities of prostitution. The Chatting App is about adults who approach girls for prostitution through chatting apps. WHRIK also selected five awards for consensus-building, ten for prejudice-breaking, and 206 for perception-changing. Winning works can be viewed at the following link: 


    1. WHRIK Notice, The 2018 Anti-prostitution Contest “We are looking for ideas to change our perceptions!” May 28, 2018.

    2. WHRIK Notice, Announcement on the winning works of the 2018 Anti-prostitution Contest. July 12, 2018.

    3. WHRIK News, We answer the question “How much am I worth?” with public contributions. July 27, 2018.

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