Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - A strong call from the Police Reform Committee: Protect prostituted victims and tackle the demand side
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • A strong call from the Police Reform Committee: Protect prostituted victims and tackle the demand side
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    The Police Reform Committee (chaired by Jae-seung Park), which features participation by external experts, made a strong recommendation that the National Police Agency devise measures to protect prostituted victims. The recommendation requires a shift in anti-prostitution policies toward a greater focus on the demand side. The agency has promised to consider the recommendation seriously and take steps to implement pertinent practical measures. The recommendations on the protection of prostituted victims include the following.


    First, proper information needs to be provided to prostituted victims regarding their legal rights and the protective services available. Second, cases of minor victims need to be reported to the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family so that appropriate measures can be taken. Given that chatting apps are becoming a popular medium for child and adolescent prostitution, the use of such apps by prostitution brokers should be blocked by securing the cooperation of the operators of the apps. Third, efforts need to be made to curtail the demand side while prioritizing the protection of victims’ human rights. The committee offered the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Auto Call System, which is designed to block phone calls between sex buyers and prostitution brokers, as a fitting example. The police are planning to initiate related discussions in the first half of the year. Fourth, the installation of an exclusive prostitution investigation team should be gradually expanded to all local police agencies, and its execution power needs to be strengthened by including at least one female officer on the team. Fifth, the installation of a dedicated research center under the Police Science Institute needs to be considered as a means to ensure a timely response to ever-evolving variants of prostitution. Sixth, a training system should be put in place that cultivates gender-sensitive investigators specializing in prostitution.




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