Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - 2017 Anti-Prostitution Content Contest and Anti-Prostitution Week Campaign in Seoul
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • 2017 Anti-Prostitution Content Contest and Anti-Prostitution Week Campaign in Seoul
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  • Women’s Human Rights Institute of Korea(WHRIK) recently held its 2017 Anti-Prostitution Content Contest. A total of 920 entries on the themes of prostitution prevention and protection of victims were submitted in the four categories of cartoon, illustration, caligraphy and graphic news. The diverse content addressed the illegal nature and harms of prostitution, understanding prostituted victims and prevention of adolescent victimization on chatting applications. The winners were determined through deliberation by experts and online voting. 

    Figure 1. Winning Works in Caligraphy

    Figure 1 Winning works in Caligraphy.png

    Hope Not, the first–prize winner in the caligraphy category, shows an image symbolizing that the human body cannot be traded for money accompanied by the phrase “I hope there are no humans in your shopping bag, aren’t there?”
    There Is No Shelf Life, one of the two second-prize winners, delivers the statement “There is no shelf–life in efforts to prevent prostitution” in the form of a bar code. The other second prize winner, Dislike Prostitution, uses the like and dislike icons from social-networking sites to state ”Dislike just talk; Like action to prevent prostitution.”  

    Figure 2. Winning Works in Poster

    Figure 2 Winning works in Poster.png

    In the poster category, Keep Our Hope, the first–prize winner, presents an image of a prostituted victim in the fetal position captured inside a light bulb, with the phrase “We lose the light of hope when human sexuality is traded. Light up your hope.” This poster describes prostituted victims as stuck in a blind spot within human rights protections and shows that they are fellow human beings worthy of dignity that need protection. One second-prize winner, Always NO!, in which “No!” is provided as a response to those who suggest prostitution, implies that we need the courage to reject any temptation to engage in prostitution in order to eliminate it from our society. The other second-prize winner, Sex Acts Are Not Something You Can Buy with Online Messages, includes the phrase “Are you buying sex through online messages?” in order to describe efforts to eradicate prostitution mediated through chatting applications and deliver the lesson that humans cannot be traded through online messaging. 

     ※ Visit https://stop.or.kr/info/gallery2017 to view all the winning works. 

    The winning efforts from this contest will be displayed through online and offline channels by related public and private organizations, including websites, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds and street exhibitions, as well as being used in materials for anti-prostitution education. 

    Celebrating the 2017 Anti-Prostitution Week (September 19-25), WHRIK partnered with the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family on September 22 to host the 2017 Anti-Prostitution Seoul Campaign and Cultural Event. A number of activities were conducted under the slogan “Human rights bloom where prostitution is gone,” including a street parade, a discussion event with the theme of “Living as South Korean men who don’t buy prostitution”, an exhibition booth selling craft products made by prostituted victims, an exhibition of the winning works from the 2017 Anti-Prostitution Content Contest and a participatory booth to raise public awareness.  

    Figure 3. 2017 Anti-Prostitution Seoul Campaign during the 2017 Anti-Prostitution Week

    Figure 3 2017 Anti Prostitution Campaign in Seoul.png

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