Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - Seoul city develops a program to disable phone communications between pimps and sex buyers
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • Seoul city develops a program to disable phone communications between pimps and sex buyers
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    For the first time in the country, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has developed and launched a program that blocks phone communications between prostitution brokers and sex buyers by placing calls every three seconds to phone numbers collected from illegal prostitution fliers. It was launched in early August.


    The program is operated through cooperation among the city government’s special police team, local autonomous district offices, and citizen volunteers. Both local autonomous district offices and citizen volunteers collect and send phone numbers gathered from prostitution fliers to the special police team of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. The police then enter the numbers into a computer program that repeatedly calls the numbers. Since this program randomly chooses a number to call, it cannot discern between sex buyers’ number and a number which a program generated. In other words, if a pimp blocks the caller’s number which the program generated, the program automatically switches to a different number. As a consequence, it makes it a practical impossibility for sex buyers to reach pimps who broadcast their phone numbers.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government had previously attempted to block prostitution phone numbers in cooperation with three major ICT companies. However, it took 5-7 days on average for a number to be blocked* after a request was submitted, allowing pimps time to advertise new numbers. The calling program was devised as a response to address this problem.


    *    Prostitution advertisement fliers are defined as harmful media materials for youth. In accordance with ‘the Juvenile Protection Act’ and ‘the Act on the Management of Outdoor Advertisements, etc. and Promotion of Outdoor Advertisement Industry’, local autonomous governments have the authority to request ICT service providers to discontinue such numbers, and the corresponding ICT companies are required to comply with these requests.



    “This program is a tool to fundamentally stop the distribution of illegal prostitution fliers. We expect that it will be highly effective in deterring the random dissemination of fliers,” said a Seoul city official.



    Press release by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, Launch of a program to block the random distribution of prostitution advertisement fliers, August 24, 2017.

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