Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - 2017 ODA project for victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia to be initiated
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • 2017 ODA project for victims of sex trafficking in Cambodia to be initiated
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    The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (Minister Eun-hee Kang) and the Women’s Human Rights Institute of Korea (President Wol-goo Kang) are implementing the 2017 ODA project for the prevention of violence against women and support for its victims. This project began in 2013 with Cambodia, which was selected as a recipient since countries in the Mekong River region are especially vulnerable to sex trafficking. According to a UNODC report (2012), about 44% of human trafficking incidents that occurred in Southeast Asia and the Pacific region involved sex trafficking. As for Cambodia in particular, sex trafficking is the most common among all types of trafficking.  


    Major programs for 2017 include: (1) preventive education for students, parents, local authorities, VAW victims and vulnerable women, and residents of high-risk communities; (2) vocational training for VAW victims and vulnerable women aimed at supporting their independence and rehabilitation; (3) awareness-raising campaigns for the eradication of violence against women; and (4) a workshop to enhance cooperation among related organizations.


    What is noticeable this year is the inclusion of tuk-tuk* drivers, who are likely to serve as prostitution brokers, among the target groups for preventive education. Other newly introduced programs include installing signboards containing a message conveying the illegality of prostitution and the need for its eradication around areas with a high risk of prostitution and conducting campaigns targeting brothel clients.  

    * A tuk-tuk is a three-wheeled motorized vehicle commonly used for public transportation in Southeast Asia.


    Programs for underage victims and vulnerable groups will also be strengthened by establishing an adolescent victim group providing those under 18 years old through customized capacity-building activities such as vocational training, career exploration, human rights education, psychological therapy, and gender-awareness programs.


    This project will be implemented through the Cambodian Women’s Crisis Center (CWCC), a local NGO incepted in 1997 to provide medical/legal support, counseling and therapy, vocational training, and shelters to victims of violence against women.  


    According to the Trafficking in Persons report from the US Department of State, Cambodia’s ranking was raised from Tier 2 Watch List in 2015 to Tier 2 in 2016.

    Note: The article which is written in Korea is attached as a separate file in this posting (see attached)

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