Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - Chatting apps emerge as a major window for prostitution
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • Chatting apps emerge as a major window for prostitution
  • 조회 수: 4330  / 등록일:  2017-03-24
  • chatting application.png Photo Credit: MBC

    Chatting apps, which facilitate dialogues with strangers, are currently being used as a window for prostitution. By exploiting the fact that personal information is not required in order to install many apps or to open a dialogue screen, a growing number of sex offenders are using them to entice adolescents for the purposes of prostitution.  

     In order to prevent adolescents from being drawn into prostitution through chatting apps during the winter school vacation, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family cooperated with police to randomly select and monitor roughly 30 popular chatting apps over 60 days from November 28, 2016 to January 26, 2017. As a result of the crackdown, a total of 105 offenders, including 64 sex buyers and 33 brokers, were arrested.  

    Ninety-three of them were booked and twelve brothel owners were detained for brokering prostitution. Promising a large amount of money, one pimp lured an 18-year-old runaway girl whom the pimp met over a chatting app. The pimp brokered prostitution about 20 times and took one-third of the fee. There was also a sex buyer who lured teenagers who had run away from home to escape domestic violence by promising them accommodation and living expenses.  

    In most cases of prostitution targeting adolescents, sex buyers suggest a ‘conditional meeting’ to teenagers in a chatting app and persuaded them to a motel.



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