Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea - [Analysis of sex crimes targeting children and adolescents] Prostitution through smartphone apps reaches 71% of cases
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Policies and Prevention Actions in Korea
  • [Analysis of sex crimes targeting children and adolescents] Prostitution through smartphone apps reaches 71% of cases
  • 조회 수: 5065  / 등록일:  2017-03-24
  • MOGEF New Logo_1_resized.jpg The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family commissioned the Korean Women’s Development Institute to carry out an analysis of the crimes of those who became subject to the sex offender registry in 2015 after a conviction for sex crimes targeting children or adolescents. Major findings from the analysis are as follows.  


    In 2015, 3,366 individuals were subject to the sexual offender registry due to crimes against children and adolescents, an increase of 132 persons (4.1%) from 2014 (3,234 persons). In terms of type of crime, cases of indecent contact by forcible compulsion numbered 2,129 (63.3%), followed by rape with 733 (21.8%), prostitution with 225 (6.7%), forcing and brokering prostitution with 179 (5.4%), and making pornography with 100 (3.0%).


    Notably, brokering prostitution increased more than three-fold from 39 cases in 2014 to 120 cases in 2015. The number of those arrested for forcing prostitution also grew, with 47 persons in 2014 and 59 persons in 2015. For the channels used to force, broker, or purchase child/adolescent for the purposes of prostitution, messenger programs and smartphone apps were most common with 70.9%, followed by motels with 2.3% and red light districts with 2.2%.


    The average age of child and adolescent victims was a mere 14.3 years old. By the type of crime, the average age was 14.6 years for direct contact with sex buyers, 15.2 years for forced prostitution, and 15.3 years for brokered prostitution.  


    One evident problem is that a great number of sex offenders are simply released on probation. According to the analysis, 45.5% of those subject to the sex offender registry were given probation. In the remaining cases, imprisonment was imposed on 34.7% and fines were leveled on17.9%. The average length of imprisonment was three years for forcing prostitution, three years and one month for brokering prostitution, and one year and nine months for buying sex.  




    1. An analysis of sex crimes targeting children and adolescents shows that 71% of prostitution was mediated through smartphone apps, The Naeil Shinmun, March 2, 2017.

    2. 3,366 sex offenders targeted children and adolescents; the average age of victims was 14.3 years old, News 1, March 1, 2017.

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