• Public-private joint workshop to eradicate sexual trafficking held in Cambodia
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    As part of the ODA project to support trafficking victims in developing countries commissioned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family, Women’s Human Rights Commission of Korea(WHRCK) is conducting victim support and trafficking prevention programs for victims of trafficking and at-risk women in Cambodia. Through support from this program, a public-private joint workshop to eradicate sexual trafficking was held on August 31 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

    Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi, Cambodian Minister of Women’s Affairs, stated in her opening speech that sexual trafficking is a grave violation of human rights and a modern-day form of slavery that inflicts lasting pain to not only on its victims, but on their families as well. She underlined the need for closer cooperation among Cambodian ministries, national agencies, and international organizations in order to provide more efficient support services to trafficking victims within the country.  

    In a presentation on South Korean policies on sex trafficking, WHRCK president Kang Wol-goo introduced the activities of WHRCK alongside South Korea’s 3P (Prevention, Protection, and Persecution) policies for the prevention of prostitution and sexual trafficking and protection of the human rights of victims.

    In Session 1 “Efforts by the Cambodian government to eradicate sexual trafficking”, a number of public officials from the Cambodian National Committee for Counter Trafficking discussed their activities and efforts related to the issue, together with representatives from the ministries of education, women’s affairs, social affairs, and labor.

    In Session 2 “Efforts in the private sector to eradicate sexual trafficking”, the Cambodia Women Entrepreneurs Association highlighted women’s economic empowerment as a way to reduce women’s vulnerability to sexual trafficking. The Cambodia Women’s Crisis Center, WHRCK’s partner organization in the implementation of this ODA project, explained the details and accomplishments of the project to date. 

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