National and International NGOs
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National and International NGOs
Canadian Women’s Foundation
Canadian Women’s Foundation is a Canada's only national foundation that helps women and girls reach their full economic and social potential and works against violence and human trafficking against women. 
Alliance Against Modern Slavery
Alliance Against Modern Slavery works to combat modern slavery by collecting resources, building programs, and creating alliances among a network of local and global partners so that every person has the opportunity for sustainable freedom.
Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter
Vancouver Rape Relief and Women’s Shelter Operates a 24-hour rape crisis centre and provides services for victims of rape and works with other social services groups, institutions and community groups towards the prevention of male violence against women. Develops and builds relationships and alliances with other rape crisis centres, transition houses and women’s groups to further women’s equality.
Center to End All Sexual Exploitation(CEASE)
CEASE works through partnerships to create and pursue strategies to address sexual exploitation and the harms created by prostitution. CEASE’s Work includes public education, client support, bursaries, counselling, trauma recovery and emergency poverty relief for individuals working to heal and rebuild their lives after experiencing exploitation.

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