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[Sweden] A Feminist Foreign Policy of Sweden, enhancing gender equality worldwide

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Sweden introduced its first feminist foreign policy in 2014. Gender-oriented diplomacy means putting women and girls at the center of almost all diplomatic decisions. The final goal of the policy is to promote gender equality worldwide. Sweden used more than 90% of its aid in 2018 with a focus on gender equality. That's pretty high compared to 28% in the United States. Meanwhile, this Swedish move is encouraging other countries to join, such as France, Canada, and most recently Mexico. Canada pledged to use up to 95% of foreign aid in 2021 to promote gender equality by 2021, and Mexico officially adopted feminist diplomacy in January of this year. Many researchers, activists, and lawmakers have put pressure on the United States to work to increase gender-sensitive ODA. Meanwhile, according to OECD statistics, the global ODA size in 2018 was about 150 billion dollars.

Source: The New York Times

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