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[Iceland] Nordic paradox? the misogynist violence of Iceland’s feminist paradise

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For 11 years, Iceland has always ranked first in the World Economic Forum's “Global Gender Gap Report” and has earned the reputation of “the best place in the world as a woman”. Iceland has the world's strongest equality in the workplace, a law on equal wages and high results in women's health, education, economic opportunities and political participation. However, this positive reality hides the problems within Icelandic society. Iceland still has a high rate of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Scholars describe the phenomenon that Iceland and Nordic countries have achieved considerable structural equality, but are still experiencing imbalanced violence of women inside. According to national statistics conducted by the University of Iceland in 2018, one in four Icelandic women has been raped or sexually assaulted. One theory explaining this “Nordic Paradox” is that gender equality is the cause of men's anger, and this still manifests itself as physical violence that can prevail over women. However, the article stated that the judicial system is on the side of men, sharing their views, rather than supporting victims. The article added that Iceland has already ratified the 'Istanbul Convention' in 2018 that aims to prevent and respond to violence against women, and therefore, Iceland's justice system should abide by the international convention.

Source: Foreign Policy

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