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[UK] The UK’s Groundbreaking Domestic Abuse Bill

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The UK’s House of Commons passed a landmark Domestic Abuse Bill that everyone had been waiting for in July this year. Current British laws dealing with domestic violence have been criticized for being inappropriate or not timely. One of the great results of the enactment of the law is that it defined the first legal definition of domestic abuse. This law broadly defined that domestic abuse can be emotional, coercive, controlled, and economic, not limited to physical violence. It is also worth noting that the enactment of this law strengthened the protection of victims in court. Evidence can be provided by special means (eg, by submitting evidence via a video link), and family courts are also prohibited from doing cross interrogation of victims with perpetrators. Besides, it is legally mandated to provide shelters by local governments, and children who are domestically abused are also considered victims by law. Another reason for this bill being welcomed is that "rough sex and consent for sexual gratification defence" for spouse murder is explicitly restricted in the law. Meanwhile, the law is being criticized because it lacks protection provisions for migrant women and does not explicitly state the possibility of punishments for image-based abuse.

Source: Global Citizen, Government of the United Kingdom

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