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[USA , UK] British Gymnasts Are Speaking Out About Abuse Following Netflix's Athlete A

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  • Created2020-07-14
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Netflix's new documentary 'Athlete A', released a few weeks ago, covers the subject of how Larry Nassar, a former USA Gymnastics national team doctor, who has sexually abused girls and women for 20 years, was finally caught and punished. Meanwhile, since the documentary was released, real athletes are making a wake-up call to society after releasing the abuse they have experienced during their careers on social media. Most recently, about 12 elite UK gymnast athletes accused the coach of emotional and physical abuse. In response, British Gymnastic, the control body of UK gymnastics, is conducting independent researches. In addition, UK Sport, the funding body for all Olympic sports in the UK, also began an investigation of any possible maltreatment in UK sports.

Source: Elle

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