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Num Title Created Hit
632 [Afghanistan] Taliban’s ‘suffocating crackdown’ destroying lives of women and girls ? new report 2022-08-08 10
631 [Chile] 'I'd Defend Myself, Too': Chileans back abuse survivors 2022-08-08 11
630 [Bangladesh] Study: One in four women face gender-based violence in rural areas 2022-08-08 11
629 [Global] ‘I will never stop telling my story’: Confronting victim-blaming for sexual assault 2022-07-26 33
628 [Australia] Sexual harassment at Western Australia mines 'appalling and systemic' 2022-07-26 34
627 [Ukraine] Prosecutors uncover sex trafficking ring preying on women fleeing country 2022-07-26 33
626 [USA] Google Should Delete Abortion Search Queries, Too 2022-07-26 31
625 [Global] Climate change exacerbates violence against women and girls 2022-07-26 31
624 [Australia] An impossible choice between violence and poverty: 60 per cent of single mothers report past domestic abuse, research finds 2022-07-26 33
623 [Global] Combating violence against women in Ukraine: ratification of the Istanbul Convention and beyond 2022-07-13 43
622 [USA] 10-year-old rape victim forced to travel from Ohio to Indiana for abortion 2022-07-13 36
621 [USA] What Overturning Roe V. Wade Could Mean For Career Decisions 2022-07-13 41
620 [USA] Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade 2022-07-13 36
619 [Iraq] Empowered Women, Empowered Children: Examining the relationship between women’s empowerment and the well-being of children in Iraq 2022-07-04 39
618 [China] 'This could happen to any of us': Graphic video of men stomping on a woman's head shakes China to the core 2022-07-04 43