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Num Title Created Hit
470 [Africa] ECOWAS Establishes a Regional Partners/CSOs/Non-State Actors Working Group against Gender Based Violence/Violence against Children (ECW-RPWG-GBV/VAC) 2020-10-27 4
469 [International] Pandemic Worsens Challenges Faced by Girls Globally 2020-10-27 6
468 [Europe] MEPS Press European Commission, Council, to Ratify ISTANBUL CONVENTION 2020-10-27 4
467 [Africa] Violence against women: Africa's shadow pandemic 2020-10-27 4
466 [International] UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women: Impact of COVID-19 on violence against women and girls through the lens of civil society and women’s rights organizations 2020-10-27 6
465 [International] ESCWA Tool Shows Costs of Violence Against Women 2020-10-27 4
464 [Republic of South Africa] Domestic workers bear brunt of gender-based violence, says study 2020-10-13 18
463 [International] Online violence against women 'flourishing', and most common on Facebook, survey finds 2020-10-13 19
462 [India] India’s federal agency to probe Dalit woman’s gang rape and death 2020-10-13 17
461 [Congo] WHO 'outraged' by sex abuse reports in Congo Ebola operation 2020-10-06 23
460 [International] Colombian child rights defender wins UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award 2020-10-06 22
459 [Nepal] Victory for Acid Attack Campaigners in Nepal 2020-10-06 24
458 [USA] Amish brothers who avoided jail time for incest accused of violating probation 2020-09-29 27
457 [Japan] Japan Catholic Church sued for damages in alleged sex abuse 2020-09-29 31
456 [USA] 'It haunts your life': California's legacy of police violence against Native American women 2020-09-29 29