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Num Title Created Hit
437 [Sweden] A Feminist Foreign Policy of Sweden, enhancing gender equality worldwide 2020-08-05 11
436 [Statistics] 2020 American's Opinion toward Gender Equality 2020-08-05 15
435 [Iceland] Nordic paradox? the misogynist violence of Iceland’s feminist paradise 2020-07-22 26
434 [Israel] Seeking prostitution services is now illegal in Israel 2020-07-22 19
433 [UK] The UK’s Groundbreaking Domestic Abuse Bill 2020-07-22 26
432 [USA] US Supreme Court ruling - hands on abortion rights and LGBT rights 2020-07-14 30
431 [UK] 'Rough sex' defence will be banned, says justice minister 2020-07-14 25
430 [USA , UK] British Gymnasts Are Speaking Out About Abuse Following Netflix's Athlete A 2020-07-14 28
429 [International] World's most prevalent forms of 'customs against women' - female genital mutilation, early marriage, extreme male preference 2020-07-10 42
428 [International] Google, Facebook and Microsoft back global plan to ‘eradicate’ online child sexual abuse 2020-07-10 44
427 [France] French Court Strikes Down Most of Online Hate Speech Law 2020-07-10 37
426 [Statistics] Violence against women: Attitudes towards violence in 2019 2020-07-02 29
425 [International] Tech giants partner with UN Women to provide life-saving information to survivors of domestic violence during COVID-19 2020-07-02 27
424 [China] For Those Getting Married, a Searchable Domestic Violence Database 2020-07-02 28
423 [Research] Prostitution, the Sex Trade, and the COVID-19 Pandemic. A journal of modern society & Culture 2020-07-02 31